MS-9600 Rev. 2/DACT-UD

MS-9600 Rev. 2/DACT-UD
Intelligent Addressable FACP with Optional 2nd Loop

The Fire•Lite MS-9600 is a compact, cost-effective, intelligent addressable fire alarm control panel with a capacity of 318 addressable Fire•Lite devices on one Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) or a total of 636 addressable points with an optional second loop (SLC-2). An optional 14.4K Baud modem (DACT-UD) is available for remote site upload/download and/or remote monitoring. Each Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) loop supports up to 159 addressable detectors including photoelectric, photoelectric with heat, ionization, photoelectric duct, fixed heat, fixed heat with rate-of-rise, and fixed high-heat detectors. It also supports up to 159 addressable modules including monitor (twowire detector, normally open devices), dual-monitor functions (two monitor circuits from one module, two addresses used), control (for Notification Appliance Circuits), and relay (two Form-C) modules. The panel uses surface-mount technology and is designed for ease of installation, programming, and maintenance. It features the latest in advanced fire protection technology, including maintenance alert and automatic detector test functions.

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