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SD350(A) / SD350T (A) Photoelectric Detectors

The new SD350 and SD350T Intelligent Photoelectric Detectors are used with Fire•Lite's MS-9200 and M
CP350 Intelligent Addressable Ionization Detector

The CP350 Addressable, low-profile (Height: 1.7 inches) plugin Ionization Detector uses a state-of-t
MS-9600 Rev. 2/DACT-UD

The Fire•Lite MS-9600 is a compact, cost-effective, intelligent addressable fire alarm control panel
Sensiscan 2000

•Lite Sensiscan 2000 Fire Alarm Control Panel is a multi-zone unit designed for maxim
FC 25/50X

•Lite FIRE•COMMAND•25/50X is a state-of-the art Emergency Voice Evacuation

Watch 411UDAC from Fire•Lite is a compact, multifaceted, stand-alone or slave Fire Alarm Communicato
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